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Aleksandra Lojić
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About Us

No, it’s not an ordinary ballet school.
My principal idea about this project was to create a feminine spot, a boutique studio and not an ordinary ballet school.
I focus on each individual, so there is always limited spots in groups.
My biggest priority is to see women feeling comfortable and confident, enjoying my classes and happy with their progress.

About me

My name is Aleksandra Lojić and I was born in Belgrade, Serbia.
I fell in love with ballet when I was 5. I graduated National Ballet School of Belgrade as a classical ballet dancer.
When I turned 18 years I began my professional career as a ballerina for National Theatre of Belgrade. I started dancing around the Europe as well and enriching my knowledge and experience by working with world wide known choreographers. Finally I joined Poznan Grand Theater where I was performing for 3 years.
I was dancing ballet for more than 20 years and performed on the stage for 7 years.
I am looking forward to share my passion and knowledge with you.




Ballet class

It’s never too late to make your dreams come true. In my studio you can find all levels of ballet for adults from 0 to pointe shoes.
Did you know that’s each ballet step requires control over your full body, from the top of your toes to the top of your head?
It remarkably improves coordination and awareness of each muscle.
As ballet is associated with elegance, flexibility and straight posture there is no way around for you to miss on that!
Gain strength and stamina and in the same time lengthen your muscles and soften your moves.
Don’t wait any longer, you are ready.

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Take your fitness to another level with
FitBallet – an unique workout inspired by ballet. Shape your body and balance your energy, improve your flexibility, stamina and strength.

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Increase your flexibility and mobility.
Get read of pain in your body,
learn how to warming up properly and preventing possible injuries.

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Individual classes

Individual ballet classes are intended for both professional dancers who want to improve their skills and amateurs who care about working face to face.

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